Choosing Storage for Manufacturing and Industrial Environments

To help manufacturers select the best storage solutions for their environments, our storage experts have compiled a list of key features to consider before choosing your storage solution provider.

6 Common Manufacturing and Industrial Storage Challenges and Their Solutions

Manufacturing and industrial spaces represent unique and challenging working environments that require especially robust storage solutions that are tough enough to stand up to demanding daily wear and tear. To help manufacturers choose the right storage to improve efficiency and productivity, our storage experts have gathered six common manufacturing and industrial storage challenges and identified products that can help solve them.

4 Simple Steps for Choosing HIPAA-Compliant Storage for Healthcare

Review how you currently store patient files and note the strengths and weaknesses. Your evaluation should include how you store your HIPAA-related records as well as how easily you can access those records, record organization, and the amount of space your storage system occupies.

HIPAA-Compliant Storage Options for Healthcare and Medical Environments

When it comes to meeting the requirements for HIPAA-compliant storage in a healthcare or medical environment, administrators and facility managers have a variety of storage options. Whether you need a small storage system to keep close at hand or a large, central storage area that serves an entire hospital…

Managing Inmate Paper Medical Records

Consider how you currently store files and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your filing system, not only as they relate to HIPAA but also as they relate to your daily needs for access, organization, and space. Identify where your system falls short, and be sure to address these issues when selecting your new system.

Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers: Selecting Storage for Security and Space

When it comes to choosing storage options for a correctional facility or detention center, security and space are always top concerns. Whether you need to store weapons, inmate property, or medical supplies, your method of storage has to be secure and keep stored items safe by controlling access.