Convenient workspaces and organizational solutions for greater productivity and better workflow in a variety of environments

Our Products

The 5000 Series Desk

Functional, durable style from the workstation to the executive suite

WorkSpace Shield

Easy-mount plexiglass barrier

Mobile Desk

Heavy-duty steel desk with casters

Mobile Media Cart

Movable presentation station

Economy Media Cart

Mobile audiovisual equipment storage

Desktop Partition

Privacy protection barrier


Portable presentation lectern

Mobile Podium

Movable presentation podium


Wall-mounted worksurface

Mailmaster™ System

Sorting modules for mail and document management

Mobile Podium Desk

Daily workspace and podium in an easy-rolling design


  • Convenient workspace anywhere
  • Create better workflow
  • Appropriate for a variety of environments
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty



Mail Sorting for the 21st Century

For many businesses, the mail room is the nerve center of the operation. It’s a busy beehive of activity, with its workers depended upon to make certain both interoffice and external mail is being routed to the right recipients in a prompt fashion. Delivery errors or lost mail pieces are costly events, with the potential to lose revenue or, perhaps worse, lost customer confidence as a direct result.