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October 18, 2019

As your facility and personnel grow, so does your need for storage. Expanding your storage capabilities shouldn’t mean outsourcing storage or expanding your facility. Your existing storage may need to be working harder for you.

The MobileTrak5® is Datum’s leading high-density storage solution. Designed to help you maximize storage space, the MobileTrak5 provides 2-3 times more storage compared to conventional units or other conventional filing cabinets. With a range of available options and accessories, the Mobile Trak5® is designed to meet your storage needs both now and in the future.

Safely storing documents, files, and other resources shouldn’t require a costly overhaul of existing storage and shelving. The MobileTrak5® is designed to be compatible with all Datum shelving solutions including 4Post™, Stak-N-Lok, and ThinStak® storage products. The system is also designed to accommodate units and shelving from other manufacturers to easily integrate into your pre-existing solutions.

Many of our clients purchase the MobileTrak5® with 4Post™ shelving or other shelving solutions to safely store items in museums, libraries, public record archives, and even schools & universities.

Designed to work in unison, our products can help you make the most of your existing storage space and offer a solution that will last years into the future.

Setting up the MobileTrak5® into your office or storage space was designed with ease in mind. Multiple decking options with an easy to set up rail system ensures simple installation for different applications. With adjustable configurations, the MobileTrak5® can be set up to fit almost any room. A full range of finish options and accessories allows you to customize the MobileTrak5® to meet the look and feel of your facility.

The MobileTrak5® offers an efficient storage solution for a range of different applications. From museums to universities and everything in between, Datum has a storage solution that meets your needs.

Explore everything the MobileTrak5® has to offer here.

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