Tactical Gear Storage


The tactical gear you require to perform a job or complete a mission is always growing and changing. From body armor to night vision devices, military gear can vary drastically in size, shape, and weight. No matter what gear you use, you need flexible storage space that can adapt to changes and keep your tactical gear secure when it’s not in use. To get the best fit, talk to a Datum storage expert about our customizable, adaptable storage options.

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Featured Products

Weapon Racks

Customizable cabinets for weapons, ammunition, and gear

Open Weapon Racks

Open weapon racks for secured room environment


Personnel, gear, and tactical storage lockers

Armorer’s Bench

Versatile workspace for weapon repair and maintenance

4Post™ Personal Storage Locker

Secure, organized personal storage unit

TA-50 Economy Equipment Locker

Double-door gear storage unit

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