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October 18, 2019

The Client

Following a sizable merger, a U.S. refinery needed to find space within its corporate facility for 80 additional workstations and corresponding files. The department expanded to include seven work groups that all needed convenient central access to corporate tax documents. Previously, the department relied on lateral files, rotary cabinets, and vertical filing cabinets to manage its file storage needs, but with the addition of the workstations and limited floor space, the client needed a new alternative.

For years, museums, records departments, libraries and other organizations have relied on bulky, cumbersome storage solutions like vertical filing cabinets to protect and organize valuable documents, books and other items of historical importance. From renting additional storage space to building extensions onto their archives, many facilities have been faced with finding a practical answer to their growing storage needs.

Datum offers products that cover the entire spectrum of archival storage. From high-density storage units to filling systems and shelving, we offer a complete line of storage solutions to meet the needs of almost any application.

One of our most popular storage solutions for museums is the ArtStorâ„¢. Uniquely designed for artwork of various sizes, ArtStorâ„¢ allows users to easily store and access multiple pieces of art at once.

Featuring heavy-duty steel carriage frames, users can hang framed or unmounted artwork for safe storage. With a track and rail system, multiple carriages can be combined to offer as much storage as you need in a condensed layout.

Many of our clients come to us with the need to store documents and other relics. From blueprints to census records and historical artifacts, our clients are faced with the challenge of keeping valuable items safe and organized. Datum 4Post™ and ThinStak® shelving are perfect solutions for storing different types of artifacts. Coupled with a MobileTrak® system and a range of accessories like Plexiglas bin fronts or document drawers, Datum can customize a solution to protect and preserve the posessions of the past.

Whether you’re storing important historical records for a local museum or looking for a better way to organize evidence or building permits, we have customizable storage solutions that can meet your needs both now and in the future.

See our full line of archive storage solutions.

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