Datum’s COVID-19 Update


May 5, 2020

Dear Partnered Dealers and Customers,

As you are aware, Datum halted manufacturing products as of 3/19/20 per executive orders from the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Datum quickly implemented a “work from home strategy “for all non-manufacturing/shipping related functions at Datum.” The following departments at Datum have been operational, primarily working remotely. The following service groups are approximately 85% operational:

  • Customer Service
  • Order Inquiries
  • Order Entry
  • Design and Quoting
  • Technical Support
  • Scheduling
  • Sales

I want to emphasize that we are accepting orders at this time, as well as providing all customer-related services as listed above. You can also contact your local Representative for project support and assistance.


The health and safety of employees is a priority. We are adhering to all required workplace employee protocols as they relate to the COVID 19 epidemic. The current mandated workplace employee protocols limit our ability to staff our manufacturing operations fully. Our reduced staffing restricts our ability to achieve full production capability. With that in mind, below is an overview of our manufacturing status.

  • We have recast our production schedule delivery dates based upon the impact of the shutdown.
  • We have contacted all customers whose orders have been delayed due to mandatory shutdown
  • We have commenced processing orders through the factory on a limited and restricted basis.
  • We are shipping orders that can be received by the customer
  • We have prepared a production acceleration plan when and as work restrictions will permit.

We will continue to provide you with updates as we gather additional information in this rapidly changing event. As previously stated, we are making every effort and exploring every avenue available to us to become fully operational as quickly and safely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local Datum Representative with any questions, concerns, or input you may have. Please stay safe and stay strong.

Your safety and the safety of our personnel will continue to be our top priority.

Doug Mucci
Datum General Manager

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