5 Benefits of High-Density Storage Systems for Healthcare


May 5, 2020

From small urgent care centers to sprawling urban hospitals, healthcare and medical facilities depend on high-density storage systems to provide essential organization and security while also saving space and placing supplies close to the point of care. Here’s a closer look at five benefits of high-density storage systems that make them a popular choice for healthcare environments.

  1. High-density storage systems can up to double storage capacity.

Compared to fixed-shelf storage methods, high-density storage systems can provide up to 100% more storage capacity by reducing the number of access aisles down to one. By eliminating multiple access aisles, high-density storage systems can help hospitals and medical centers repurpose aisle space for additional storage or free up that much-needed space for other uses.

  1. Security features help ensure HIPAA compliance.

High-density storage systems offer multiple locking options and safety features that allow authorized users to manage the security of the items stored inside. These security features can help healthcare facilities meet HIPAA requirements by safeguarding medical records and protected health information, minimizing incidental disclosure, and controlling access.

  1. Locking options improve patient safety by securing pharmaceuticals and equipment.

High-density storage systems can be configured with a variety of features, accessories, and locking options that can be customized for each facility’s needs. The same locking options that support HIPAA compliance can also be used to control access to drugs, medical devices, or other sensitive items, lowering the risk of theft and giving staff greater control over patient safety.

  1. Aesthetic design and finishes allow placement of supplies closer to the point of care.

Fixed-shelf systems can be unsightly and impractical for placement near high-traffic patient care areas, but a secure, high-density storage system uses less space and can be customized to go right where it’s needed. A number of paint colors and finish options help the system aesthetically blend in with existing décor, allowing subtle placement of storage to keep supplies close at hand.

  1. Durable materials make surfaces easy to clean and disinfect.

The ability to disinfect surfaces is a critical requirement for every item in a healthcare environment, and a high-density storage system is no exception. Stainless steel coupled with powder-coated paint options and other durable laminate finishes ensure that surfaces can stand up to harsh disinfectants and frequent wipedowns.


To learn more about high-density storage systems and customization options for healthcare, talk to a Datum healthcare storage expert.

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